Why POWER Name? Power of the Gospel, Partnerships & Multiplication!

WHY the name  "POWER 2 SET FREE"?

A. We are not ashamed of the POWER OF THE GOSPEL  i.e the Good NEWS of the Holy Bible, for it is the POWER of salvation for those who believe.
The "Good News of Great Joy that a Saviour is born" " will through the Power of the Holy Spirit and the Power of Multiplication (see below) change the world for the better. Nothing and nobody can stop it.

The Bible is the BEST SELLER OF HISTORY and still remains the best seller by far of any other book every year!

Have you read and are you still reading and enjoying the life-giving best seller of all time?
In the Bible, we read that when Jesus was tempted to distrust and disobey God the Father, He always replied by say to Satan 'it is written".

In the same Bible Jesus quoted 'it is written": we who trust God are POWERFUL e.g.
-  He who is in us is greater than him who is in the world. 1 Joh 4
-  We "are more than conquerors" Rom 8:37.
-  We will "overcome the evil one by the POWER of the BLOOD of the Lamb and the word of our TESTIMONY"  Rev 12:11
- "for God has not given us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of POWER, of LOVE and of a SOUND MIND"     2 Tim !:7

B. There is POWER in PARTNERSHIPS or NETWORKING the locals and the visitors!
TWO (2) HORSES harnessed together pull much more than two times the weight they pull separately. Apparently two horses which can each pull 4 tons will in fact pull up to 22 tons if they are harnessed to pull together! We can therefore understand why the the Lord Jesus also sent out His disciples in two's. Find a God-given partner with whom you can help one another set other people free from guilt, debt, stress and religion !

We are commissioned, anointed and empowered to take hands:
- to SET FREE the captives Isaiah 61
- to make God known (His goodness, His greatness and especially His LOVE for everyone, His DESIRE  to BLESS everyone, His DREAM for everyone ... to all those whom He brings over our path John 17.
- to make disciples of all nations (our family, friends and colleagues), teaching them to obey everything the Lord has taught us. Matthew 28 ,not because we have to, but because we want to

TO CHANGE THE WORLD we do not need to speak to large audiences or have numerous television or radio broadcasts.

C, Please keep the POWER OF MULTIPLICATION top of your mind when you speak to only one person or even three persons.
It is great that we have people like Angus Buchan, Joyce Meyers and others who talk to thousands of people at a time. But YOU CAN ALSO impact hundreds, thousands and millions op people through the Power of Multiplication. The secret is to be the example and voice of the Lord and allow Him to touch the spirit, will, heart and the mind of the person the Lord has brought over your path and is standing in front of you. The person in front of you can set alight a huge light to disperse the darkness in this world.

STEP 1   You                                                                     =    1
STEP 2   speak to 3 people                                  3  +   1  =    4
STEP 3   who in turn each speak to 3 people       9  +  4  =   13
STEP 4   who in turn each speak to 3 people     27 +  13  =   40
STEP 5   who in turn each speak to 3 people     81 +  40  =  121
STEP 6   who in turn each speak to 3 people    243 + 121 =  364
STEP 7   who in turn each speak to 3 people    729 + 364 = 1093

STEP 21 who in turn each speak to 3 people ..........= 5,230,176,480, nearly the whole population of the world!





Our Purpose is to help you use your God-given POWER of your Decisions and your I's & T's = intellect, ideas, information, inspiration, innovation, time, talents, treasures, testimonies and opportunities to SET FREE, NETWORK & EMPOWER the locals and the visitors in your community, country and continent so that they can also experience a touch of  "Heaven On Planet Earth" (H.O.P.E) "...as it is in heaven" !

We encourage you to use your God-given opportunities to be part of His solution for the problems in the world which God loves and not to loose your crown which the Lord has waiting for you! Pray and work together with the Holy Spirit across all cultures, classes and church denominations .

Your WALK and your TALK with EVERY PERSON you meet WILL IMPACT the world through the power of multiplication. You do not need to speak to the masses. The impact is far greater through multiplication than addition. Keep on speaking to your family, friends, co-workers and team mates ONE ON ONE and encourage them to enjoy a cup of coffee with you in order to STOP, THINK & DISCUSS the following topics:

A. The Super Star of History and The Greatest Freedom fighter of all time and His impact on Personal Happiness & Health, Marriage Harmony, Family Unity, Financial Freedom, Work Fulfilment, Community Politics and Economics

B. The importance of identifying, coaching, supporting and electing God-fearing moral servant
leaders for all sectors of your community.
i)   Speak to one person per day, let him/her catch your infectious happiness & hope
ii)  Bless him/her with a H.O.P.E. BUSINESS CARD, TRACT or BOOKMARK
iii) Print out the pages of this website or sit next to them at the computer and read and discuss the contents of the Power 2 Set Free web pages on www.Power2SetFree.net and  the posts on www.GGWorldHOPE.net

In so doing you will BE PART OF THE SOLUTION in your community, city, country and continent and you will help to bring about a PEACEFUL & PROSPEROUS REVOLUTION and a BETTER LIFE FOR ALL in a very short space of time. You will see a virulent mind and heart 'virus' that will sweep through the world, blowing up a storm to cause waves of blessings that will extinguish the flames of lack of knowledge, poverty, disease, crime, corruption and all the forms of abuse threatening the world. .........  read more!!

The www.Power 2SetFree.net website is a H.O.P.E. PROJECT

of the GG World HOPE Foundation. IT 3521/2009