JESUS CHRIST – The Super Star Saviour & Greatest Freedom Fighter of History!


YES, JESUS IS THE NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES, the SUPER STAR of history and the Greatest Freedom Fighter and Moral Servant Leader of all time. History revolves around His Story!

We all have our Star Actors, Singers, Sportsmen and women whom we cheer and lift up on our shoulders for their performances and their victories.

FOR GOD SO LOVED the World that He sent Jesus His Son.
He did not send a religion, denomination or a political party.
He sent His One & Only Son!

YES! GOD sent Jesus to all the world citizens across all cultural, class, religious, political and economical barriers so that they will hear His knock on their hearts and invite Him into every area of their Life Wheels so that He can SET THEM FREE FROM SATAN & BALANCE THEIR LIFE WHEELS!


GOD sent Jesus to be a blessing to each individual, community, country and continent. Jesus the Living Word was sent to this beautiful planet to be the HUB or CENTRE of your life, my life and every other person's life. He was also sent to be the hub, centre and head of  every aspect of World Governance. His rulership is not imposed on anyone. His rulership is over a people who voluntarily and willingly submit to His governance and His better knowledge of what is good of all people.

'A voluntary and willing good Relationship with God through Jesus and with one another and not a Religion is the Answer, the Way, the Life and the Truth to solve the social, religious, political and economical probelms facing the world.' Dr MM

and also THE GREATEST BENEVOLENT FREEDOM FIGHTER the world has ever known?"

Why is He the Alpha and the Omega?
Why is He the beginning and the end?


A .   "How did you become part of your religion?"
Were you born into it through your family?

B.   "If you had been born into another family of another religion or belief system, what would your religion or belief system have been today?"

C.   "Is it significant that the hub of the world calendar is the birth of Jesus?
BC = Before Christ's birth, AD = After Christ's birth..
Every Christmas the world is celebrating His coming to planet earth! He is the greatest Christmas gift ever given to mankind!

D.  "Would you agree that most people and religions acknowledge that Jesus Christ was and is the greatest role model of a humble, welcoming, respecting, embracing, blessing, feeding, healing, forgiving, serving and non violent leader from across all cultures and religions of His day and even to this day?

E. CAN YOU & DO YOU acknowledge that JESUS was and is THE CHAMPION of non-violence?



A. Unbelievers and believers of most religions all acknowledge that JESUS was a very good man and that He has had the most positive impact on mankind and the history of the world of any other man (male or female).

It can be said that History = His story.

The Jews refer to Him as a "Good Rabbi "

The Moslems refer to Him as "Prophet Jesus"

The Catholics, Protestants and Charismatics refer to Him as "Lord Jesus"

The Atheists say He is as "a good reason to celebrate His birthday party on Christmas!"

A male may be referred to or addressed in many various ways: by his position, his title, his first or second name, eg a "husband", "father", "son, "brother", "friend", "doctor", "professor", "mister", ec

But regardless what title or name is used, the male referred to is still the same person!

Although people of all religions have different names and titles for Jesus, they are all still referring to the ONE & ONLY person Jesus Christ!

Most people of all religions believe He was on earth approximately 2018 years ago but very few people are aware that they are the TARGET of His and His Father's love, forgiveness, blessings, life and plan to bring about H.O.P.E. "Heaven On Planet Earth".

It is His desire that all people respond to His love and call to become part of His H.O.P.E. Dream Team. He invites every person to allow Him to work IN and THROUGH them and to enable Him to eventually realise His Father's H.O.P.E.-  Heaven On Planet Earth PRAYER ' on earth as it is in heaven". .

Are you aware of His H.O.P.E. Dream for your life?
Do you share His dream for your life?
Are you expectant to work with Him to realise His H.O.P.E. Dream for your life?

B. Did you know and do you now know the following about Jesus? 

1. All the main line religions all acknowledge that Jesus lived and also believe in Him?

2. There are more than 300 fulfilled prophecies that He would come to earth, where He would be born, what would happen to Him and be done to Him ... etc

3. His birthday, i.e. the day He came to earth, is the hub of the calendar which most people across the globe use everyday. We all say "so many years before (B.C.) or after Christ (A.D.)"

4. His role-model life as a child, teenager, worker, business and community man is well documented and still serves as our example as the finest world citizen in the history of mankind.

5. He did many miracles e.g. raise the dead, walk on the water, still the storms, heal the sick

6. He said about Himself: "I AM the Only Way to the Father, I AM the Way, the Life and the Truth? No one comes to the Father but by Me"

7. He informed people He would be killed and that He would stand up out of the grave. He did stand up out of the grave with a new body and ate with His disciples. He spoke to them about His kingdom for six weeks before He ascended to heaven. Although He is alive, well and all powerful, He is not a 'gate-crasher' forcing Himself  into our personal lives, marriages, families, finances, work or in our community politics and economics. He is the ultimate gentleman!

8. He did not come to set up a new religion or denomination but that He came and invites everyone of all religions to follow Him and  to have a personal relationship with Him, and through Him with God the Father!

9. He taught people to pray the  "Our Father's prayer ... that His Father's name be honoured, His kingdom come and His will be done here on earth as it is in heaven. Yes Heaven On Planet Earth here in your life, your marriage, your family, your finances, your work and your community, country and continent!

10. He is willing on request to open our eyes, minds, heart so that we can  could experience His love, forgiveness, blessings and power to act on our behalf when the time is right!!

Do you agree that it has always been, and is still today, God's H.O.P.E. Vision, Prayer & Plan to:

a. Prosper every individual person on planet earth across all barriers (religious, political, financial, cultural, class)

b. Give us all not only life more abundantly, but also a hope and a future

c. Set everyone free from:
i) the religious, political and financial systems of the present world order and
ii) the ungodly worldly leaders who lack the necessary character, capacity and comprehension required for H.O.P.E. Leadership.

imageEvery person, family, community, country and continent has been given the FREEDOM to make a willing and voluntarily choice or decision to allow JESUS the Super Star and NOT Christianity or any other religion to take up His rightful place as the 'Hub' or 'Centre' of our Whole Life Wheel with six main 'spokes' = personal lives, our marriages, our families, our finances, our work, our communities, countries and continents.

Every person across all cultures and classes has a voluntarily decision or a free choice to make as to whether they wish to follow Him and His role-model life and as a result ENJOY LOVE, JUSTICE, JOY, PEACE and H.O.P.E (= experience a touch of Heaven On Planet Earth)

It is important to mind in the beginning what matters in the end. What matters in the end of our life on earth should occupy the top of our minds.

What should matter in the end is that we have played our role to take hands with other born again followers and friends of Jesus and with them have worked with Jesus and the Holy Spirit to bring about Heaven On Planet Earth

James 3:17-18New King James Version (NKJV)

17 But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, willing to yield, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality and without hypocrisy. 18 Now the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace.

WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO UNASHAMEDLY DECLARE to your family, friends, co-workers and citizens that:

JESUS CHRIST IS the Super Star and Greatest Freedom Fighter of history and for all mankind! History revolves around His Story!

May GOD BLESS YOU as you consider the above!