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Family Unity
Financial Freedom
Work Fulfillment
Community Impact

Welcome to Power 2 Set Free


A. Your SIGN POST to FREEDOM, 'H.O.P.E.' and to 'STRESS FREE LIVING despite Trials & Tribulations',

We encourage you to allow the directions to 'Heaven On Planet Earth' for you, your marriage, family, finances, calling, community, city, country, continent and world!


B. Your FREE SELF HELP "Think Tank" Life - Liberty - Leadership Coaching Program to RESET and RESTORE

                        YOUR LIFE - God's Way   &   YOUR COMMUNITY - God's Way

                       Personal Happiness and Health - Marriage Harmony - Family Unity

                     Financial Freedom - Work Fulfilment - Community Economy & Politics 

C. Your GATEWAY to the GRADUATE LECTURES offered at H.O.P.E. Empowerment Centres

  • ...... the Kingdom of God is not a matter of talk ..... but of  POWER!    I Cor 4:20
  • ...... the Kingdom of God is JUSTICE, PEACE and JOY                      Rom 14:17

D. Your OPPORTUNITY to EMPOWER your loved ones  (children, family members, friends, colleagues
and fellow citizens) to live a  'STRESS FREE LIFE despite Trials and Tribulations' 

E. Your INVITATION to JOIN THE GOOD N.E.W.S. of  H.O.P.E. i & t Exchange Network.  on Facebook.3110mainImage 1


                                          Do you see the i's, the t's and the j?

i's: information, ideas, inspiration, innovation   t's: time, talents, treasures, testimonies  -
and J: Jesus, the Truth, the Way & the Life!


Your INPUT (commitment + time) will determine your OUTCOME (benefits + blessings)

        Network - Empower - Winners - to Set free your people & to enlighten them
        on how to enjoy a taste of Heaven On Planet Earth ...  read more to spread the Good N.E.W.S.!!



From what do you wish to be SET FREE?

On the one hand there is the CRY OF MAN:

1. for FREEDOM from hunger, poverty, guilt, rejection, broken relationships, loneliness, debt, stress, disease, crime, corruption, abuse and fear.

2. for a TOUCH and a TASTE of God's H.O.P.E.  (Heaven On Planet Earth) Kingdom 'here on earth as it is in heaven'

The cry IS DEAFENING for those who CAN hear and especially for those who CARE to hear !

On the other hand  the CRY OF GOD'S HEART is for EVERY PERSON across all cultural, religious, denominational, political and organisational barriers TO HEAR, BELIEVE AND EXPERIENCE:

1. that they (you) are the TARGET of God's love, forgiveness, blessings and life and that they are invited and more than welcome:
a. to enjoy a willing and voluntary relationship with Him, and not merely have a religion
b. to be His GG Freedom Keys to set their famiies and friends free from ignorance and bondage and bring about H.O.P.E = " Heaven On Planet Earth it is in heaven" = "Freedom, Justice, Joy & Peace for All"

2. that God has a H.O.P.E. Dream, Plan & Prayer for their (your) personal happiness, marriage harmony, family unity, financial freedom, work fullfilment and for the economy and politics in their community, country and continent.  H.O.P.E = "Heaven On Planet Earth" it is in heaven".

3. that they (you) are all INVITED by God to be part of His plan to realise His H.O.P.E. Dream and to be a member of one of His Dream Teams to rebuild our communities, cities, countries and continents .........  read more!!


                                              THE H.O.P.E. RESTORATION PROCESS

The Plan for the H.O.P.E. restoration process is found in the Bible, the Best Seller of All Time and still the Best Seller every year!

The Cost for the H.O.P.E. restoration process was paid for on the Cross with THE BLOOD of Jesus Christ THE Super Star of History, THE Greatest Freedom Fighter and THE Saviour of the World.

The Momentum of the H.O.P.E transformation process is picking up speed through the Power of Multiplication, the Power of the Holy Spirit & the Power of Prayer.

As we co-operate with the Holy Spirit and pray we personally experience the following:
a. our repentance and acceptance of His 'free gifts' , which include His love, His forgiveness, His blessings and His more abundant life John 10:10.  We discover that Gifts of God the Father to mankind is 'wrapped up' in Jesus Christ, His Son.)
b. our spiritual rebirth ('be born again') and our empowerment ('be filled with the Holy Spirit')
c. the progressive renewal of our spirits and souls (minds, hearts and wills) by the Holy Spirit Inspired Word of God.

The renewal and rejuvenation of our minds, hearts, wills and lives is continually spilling over into, and positively impacting not only our our own personal happiness & health, marriage harmony, family unity, financial freedom, work fullment and the economical and political transformation of our communities, but also that of other people of all cultures, classes, churches, communities, countries and continents! PRAISE GOD for His love and mercy that we can exchange our disabilities for His capabilities!

PLEASE DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED or critical when we see the lack of God's' fruit' in the lives of so-called 'believers'. Many of them are unaware that they are still 'goats in sheep' clothing. Most of us, like Ghandi, are understandably put off by these so called 'Christians' and their 'Christian religion'.

We however should challenge one another to look into the mirror and judge the person in the mirror (i.e. ourselves) :
A. as to whether we are truly part of the  'sheep':
- who have repented, have been born again, have been baptised with water and the Spirit like Jesus
- who have a personal relationship with THE Shepherd Jesus and
- who with the help of the Word and the Holy Spirit hear, follow, obey and reflect Jesus
- who bear the Fruit of the Holy Spirit in our lives


B. as to whether we too are merely 'goats' making 'sheep' noises and following a religion and a doctrine!  

THEREFORE THE AIM OF THIS  P2SF website .........  read more!!

THE GG FREEDOM KEY to unlock the Power to Set one another Free (P2SF - Power 2 Set Free) .........  read more!!

TO BE SET FREE + TO BE HAPPY + TO STOP the mess & stress around us, it cannot be stressed strongly enough that it is in your interest to INVEST YOUR TIME TO INTERACT with people: .........  read more!!  

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